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Face-lift changes for the Renault Master are hard to spot on the outside.

Ahead of deliveries for the all-new Trafic, Renault has revealed prices and specification details for face-lifted versions of its big van- the Master.

Highlights of the face-lifted Renault Master are a new grille, more oddments space in the interior (like its smaller brother the Trafic) and a new rear-drive range, capable of taking up to 4.5 tonnes.

In all, there’ll be over 120 different versions with prices starting at £21,120.

Externally Renault is calling the Master’s new look  ‘assertive’. Basically, this means a new grille design, which will be carried over to the other models in the range eventually.

Inside the cabin of the face-lifted Master, like the new Trafic, the focus is on clever stowage. Renault claim that its big van has the markets highest number of stowage solutions, including a shelf to house a laptop and/or A4 documents and a mobile phone holder with 12V power supply for charging.

Renault has also re-worked the Master’s driving position and controls to give a more comfortable, car-like feel.

To top it off, there’s the choice of two different audio systems, with even the entry-level system featuring Bluetooth, a CD player, plus USB and iPod connectivity.

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