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Gravesend builder Jarek Luszcz had fitted all his vans with RAC telematics boxes – which led the police straight to the stolen van (not the one shown in the photograph)

BUILDER Jarek Luszcz was “gutted” when the Vauxhall Vivaro he had bought only two months before was stolen from outside his home in broad daylight. Fortunately Jarek recently had all the vans used by his building firm J L Construction fitted with RAC Telematics ‘black boxes’.

Four hours after Jarek reported the theft the police found the van at exactly the location shown by the telematics box

He immediately used his computer to log into the RAC portal, which identified the van’s trace on the map 30 miles away from Jarek’s base in Gravesend.

A quick call to the police had them liaise with the RAC to locate the stolen Vivaro.

Only fours after Jarek reported the theft, the police found the van in Sittingbourne – at exactly the location identified by the the telematics box.

And although the Vivaro’s registration plates had already been changed, the RAC telematics team was able to direct police to within 10ft of the vehicle’s location and use the van’s unique identification number to confirm ownership.

Jarek, who employs nine builders, told Business Vans: “I was gutted when I realised the van had been stolen from outside my house. It had only been parked there for 45 minutes over lunchtime when it was taken.

Recovery of stolen vehicles is one of the many benefits of using telematics in business vans

“I hadn’t even had the van long enough to put my company name on it. I’ve never had a vehicle stolen before so it was really upsetting, but I quickly realised I could use the telematics box’s tracking feature to find it.”

RAC Telematics boxes can provide round-the-clock tracking for all business vehicles, showing the routes they take and how they were driven, with the information recorded and accessed through a web-based portal.

The devices are said to be quick and easy to fit and, according to the RAC, business that have installed the devices frequently find they promote positive driver behaviour and reduce risks.

They can lead to more fuel efficient driving, which reduces fuel costs, as well as more affordable insurance premiums.

The value of goods stolen from vans has risen to a record high. Read more here.


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