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Ready to go: Instant up to date valuations with CAP Black Book Live


Robin Roberts

Van retailers and traders will benefit from a new service from CAP which allows people to view its Black Book “Live”.

Immediate fluctuations in trade prices of commercial vehicles can now be viewed in real time; and the values given in showrooms. This should solve the problem of ambiguity around changes in vehicle values between the publication dates of “traditional” monthly price guides for traders and van operators who want to buy or sell their business vans.

The Black Book Live data is gathered by a team of editors, each one specialising in their own vehicle sectors. They look for changes in the market that will affect the price of vehicles, and when they decide to change a vehicles market value they create a small post to explain why.

CAP says this will enable Black Book Live users to be more confident in their trading decisions on a day to day basis and remove the “wait and see” caution that can emerge several days before publication of a monthly guide.

It should also help traders improve profit per unit and enable fleet disposers to fine tune de-fleet activity.

This comes as CAP is acquired by Montagu Private Equity LLP, one of Europe’s leading private equity firms.

Founded in 1979 and based in Leeds, CAP’s data and information systems serve clients across a broad variety of automotive-related sectors.

CAP Monitor is a leading residual values forecasting tool for the Contract Hire, Leasing, Daily Rental, Finance and Insurance industries.

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