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Image from RoadScan PRO VEDR (Video Event Data Recorder)

RoadScan: records images for accident purposes

Reduce fraudulent accident claims and fuel costs

A SINGLE lens video recorder can save van fleets thousands on false insurance claims, while also modifying driver behavior, claims its makers RoadScan.

The forward facing RoadScan PRO VEDR (Video Event Data Recorder) not only records accidents but provides vehicle speed and location information. The Digital Image Tachograph (DIT) tracker provides a daily record of the vehicle’s route, says RoadScan, enabling van fleet managers to check for deviations, unlogged stops and breaks.

The camera records continuously on a 30 second loop and captures and saves 15 seconds before and 15 seconds after it is triggered by a driving event. However, the RoadScan can be set to continuous record and save mode for driver training reviews.

RoadScan says its video recordings are accepted by insurance companies, and will verify and witness accidents, explaining that environmental services company Veolia, with a fleet of 20 vehicles, eliminated third party faked accident claims saving the company vast sums of money.

The PRO is tamper proof and therefore cannot be reset by the driver, features a GPS module providing speed, map location, event plotting and historic tracking of routes taken shown on Google Maps, stamping the date and time of each stage of the journey.

The high quality VGA 640×480 pixel screen records 24x frames per second and is suitable for night time driving. Recordings are simply downloaded from the SD memory card to the RoadScan PC viewing application thereby providing an accurate video witness in the event of an accident as well as an historical record of all journeys.

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