ACFO chairman John Pryor
ACFO chairman John Pryor
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ACFO, the fleet decision-makers’ organisation has a new website aimed at bringing “clarity to key issues”.

The website,, now allows easier member access to seminar and webinar recordings and presentations and there is a new-look news section featuring a director-written blog reflecting industry topics.

ACFO deputy chairman Caroline Sandall, said: “We have reacted to members’ views in making the website easier to navigate, particularly in respect of finding information in the online library, notably in relation to seminar presentations and webinar recordings.

“As ACFO increasingly focuses on conveying information digitally, the refreshed website ensures easier access to our ‘Digital Brief’ recordings and all ACFO news and views content, which means greater usability.”

National chairman John Pryor, said: “Fleet operators were treading water in 2018 awaiting decisions on numerous issues. However, during the first half of 2019 ACFO anticipates that clarity will emerge on a number of key issues so it is essential that decision-makers adopt a pro-active forewarned is forearmed approach.

“Consequently, 2019 promises to be a year of change for fleet chiefs and ACFO will continue to support members in raising awareness of the issues and delivering context and views on available options and the impact they will have on company car and van operations.”

The first ‘Digital Brief’, on the website will highlight a number of key topics that ACFO members need to focus on during 2019. They include:

  • The government’s recently announced review into the impact of the Worldwide harmonised Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) on company car benefit-in-kind tax and Vehicle Excise Duty. Members, in addition to ACFO, are being encouraged to make their own responses to the review document and make the case for “a level playing field on the mobility of employees”.
  • How WLTP is, and will be, impacting on employees’ travel and how the new emission regulation is affecting fleets.
  • The further tightening of emission regulations and the impact of the Real Driving Emissions test rules
  • The impact of Brexit with the UK destined to leave the European Union on Friday, 29 March.
  • The introduction of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone on Monday, 8 April and how the future implementation of Clean Air Zones in towns and cities across the UK will affect fleet operations.
  • The role plug-in vehicles have within fleets as manufacturers race to introduce a wide range of new car and van models to the market during 2019.

ACFO is planning to hold its annual spring seminar on March 27. Entitled ‘Another Year of Evolution’, the focus will be on ‘what to expect and plan for in 2019’ it will focus on a wide range of other key industry issues including:

  • Cash or car, which will address the growing trend for employees to take a cash alternative instead of a company car
  • Flexible car and van leasing/rental starting to gain in popularity as it replaces long-established leasing on three or four-year contracts
  • An update on what manufacturers are doing following last year’s introduction of WLTP
  • The latest on the introduction on Clean Air Zones by local authorities in towns and cities across the UK
  • Brexit and what it means for fleets including in respect of driving licences and vehicle hire when overseas and mobility in the European Union.  



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