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VW Crafter
The Crafters lined up for delivery duty across the Highlands

IF you’re delivering parcels to remote addresses in the Scottish Highlands and Islands the last thing you need is an unreliable van.

That’s why AJG Parcels, based in Inverness, has just acquired 30 VW Crafter vans to replace a quarter of its delivery vans.

AJG works around some of the UK’s most remote locations. Its vans not only have to be reliable, they have to have low running costs and a heavy duty payload since they travel formidable distances from their base.

These were the qualities that brought the VW Crafter our Best Heavy Van Award and convinced Fraser MacLean, operations director at AJG, that the Crafter was the right van to choose.

“Reliability is key in the parcel industry, where we constantly find ourselves working under time-critical conditions. This is why we had no hesitation in turning to Volkswagen when it came to updating our fleet.

“With a solid reputation for quality and dependability, combined with vehicles’ residual values, Volkswagen was an obvious choice for our business”

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