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Fiat Scudo
This is the current Fiat Scudo pictured at the CV Show – could the new Renault Fiat van partnership produce a replacement for Fiat Professional?

WELL, we didn’t see this one coming at Business Van towers: a new Renault Fiat van.

The release from Renault was po-faced:

“Renault and Fiat have signed an agreement under which Renault will supply Fiat with a light commercial vehicle based on a Renault platform.

“The styling of the Fiat vehicle will be developed by Fiat and will feature unique and distinctive elements on the model, branded Fiat Professional.

“The vehicle will be manufactured by Renault in France starting from the second quarter of 2016.”

So what could this new Renault Fiat van be?

We put our collective thinking hats on at Business Van HQ.

  • It’s not the Doblo – that’s relatively new and also supplied to Vauxhall as the Combo.
  • Could it be a Master-based heavy van? But then Fiat makes the Ducato for Citroen (badged Relay) and Peugeot (badged Boxer). So not that then.
  • What about the Scudo/Expert/Dispatch? Ah, yes! That could well be it – hardly the strongest in the segment.

We await further confirmation with interest of the new Renault Fiat van tie up with interest!

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