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Cradles for your phone and tablet are right next to USB ports, so no trailing cables. There’s an A4 clip board too…

FOR many trades and small business, their van is the office. And we’ve seen some horrors (paper everywhere) and some really tidy examples, too (you know who you are!).

…that sits over a storage cubby for your laptop in the fold-down centre seat when it’s not in use

But all that should become a thing of the past with the new Renault Trafic.

Renault’s designers have put real thought into how professionals use their van in between the times they need to access the load bay.

So the all-new Renault Trafic features a mobile phone cradle mount with adjacent USB connectivity. There’s also a tablet cradle mount (again with a USB socket close by to keep it powered up), and fold down centre seat that reveals a compartment to house a laptop computer.

There’s more. And this bit’s really clever. A detachable A4 clipboard that sits over the laptop storage area – useful for getting items signed for – clips back in and can be angled towards the driver or passenger so lists of delivery addresses and so on can be quickly read.

There are a further 14 bins, trays, document stowage areas and cup holders to ensure the all-new Trafic really is an office on the move.

All new Renault Trafic
On the outside the all new Renault Trafic looks bold and assertive
The very straightforward R & GO app allows you to swap betwen your phone, sat nav or media system

Further innovation is provided by an app called R & GO. Usable on both Android and iOS devices, the app allows mobile devices to function automatically with the van’s radio.

So, for example, with a tablet secured on the cradle, the R & GO app displays four clear icons:

  • 3D navigation
  • Hands-free mobile phone usage
  • Multimedia playback including web radio
  • Vehicle’s trip computer along with eco driving guidance

It all makes the prospect of an untidy office on wheels a thing of the past.

It’s not just an office: the new Trafic will carry Europalets and loads up to 3m in length

Click here for more on the new Renault Trafic.


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