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Renault Master moves into the antiques and art business
The Renault Master’s low platform gives easier access when loading and unloading, says Williams & Hill Forwarding director Tony Thomas


If you’re in the delivery business, then carrying your cargo safely should be your chief requirement. And if your cargo is fine art, antiques and furniture, then your choice of van will be especially important.

Faced with this decision, Williams & Hill Forwarding, specialist handler of antiques, art and furniture, recently took delivery of a 16 Renault Master 125.3 low-platform cab model, fitted with a GRP Luton body by commercial vehicle bodybuilder GM Billings. The body has been specially modified internally with padding and tie rails to provide the safest transportation for fragile items.

The Renault Master will be used to carry artwork, sculptures and antiques for clients requiring specialist removals and relocations, as well as transportation to and from exhibitions and fairs throughout the UK and Europe. With security a high priority, the van is fitted with a Maple alarm system, CCTV and vehicle tracking.

Williams & Hill Forwarding director Tony Thomas told Business Vans: “The main advantage of the new Renault Master is its low platform, which gives easier access when loading and unloading, plus it has a taller body and negates the need for a tail lift, so is particularly suited to the transport of large, fragile items.

“Our business often takes us into Europe, so the Renault Master’s reputation for reliability was another important consideration. It’s also a great looking, visually appealing vehicle, which helps our brand image among our discerning customers,” he said.

The Renault Master 125.35 low platform cab was supplied through Renault Trucks business van specialist distributor Norfolk Truck and Van Enfield. It joins Williams & Hill Forwarding’s fleet of Mercedes and MAN vehicles.

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