Renault Kangoo now available with Ready4Work racking and storage solutions 9
Renault Kangoo with Ready4Work racking
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Renault Kangoo Ready4Work racking and storage

  • Choice of two space-optimising Ready4Work kits
  • Ready4Work racking fitted before delivery to dealership
  • Simple fitment with no impact on Kangoo’s structure
  • From £1,150 inc VAT and can be included in van finance package
  • Systems have comprehensive 4-year/100,000-mile warranty.

RENAULT has introduced Ready4Work racking for the Renault Kangoo, the high-quality racking and storage solution ensuring customers can have a van that’s ready to go straight to work.

As with the official Ready4Work racking systems available for the Renault Trafic and larger Master, the Kangoo version is installed into a customer’s van before delivery and saves owners the inconvenience of having to wait while it’s fitted out.

Unveiled at the 2015 Commercial Vehicle Show and developed in partnership with vehicle storage specialist Bri-Stor, the Renault Kangoo Ready4Work mobile workshop racking systems are designed to cater for the in-van storage requirements of the vast majority of small businesses and trades.

Available for the Kangoo and the 100% electric Kangoo Z.E standard length panel vans, there are two versions of Ready4Work racking available.

Kit 1 is designed to provide engineering tradesmen with economical racking storage for tools, parts and accessories together with the option to add additional features, while Kit 2 is designed to suit the more specialised tradesmen who require an enhanced racking solution for the storage of tools and service equipment.

Both kits are constructed from lightweight, high strength Dual Phase steel with a yield strength of 800N/mm2 and feature the same tool panel assemblies, which each include six Euro bins and 500mm Storage Basket.

Kit 1 also includes a two-part phenolic coated floor (9mm plywood base with anti-slip phenolic coating to the top face) and a unit that has three sizeable tool baskets. In addition to the tool panel assemblies, Kit 2 adds a unit with shelves and anti-slip matting together with a drawer unit module, which are supported by two heavy duty end frames with punched infill panels.

Using pre-assembled sections fixed to the van’s existing load lashing points, the kits allow easy and quick installation with no requirement to drill into the van’s structure, which works to prevent corrosion and maintain residual values.

Both Ready4Work racking kits are covered by the 4-year/100,000 mile warranty that comes as standard with the Renault Kangoo and the rest of Renault’s LCV range.

As the storage systems are supplied with the Renault Kangoo, another significant benefit is that the cost can be incorporated in a single finance package arranged by any Renault dealership or the brand’s specialised Renault Pro+ dealer network for business customers.

Groupe Renault UK LCV product manager Steve Wilson said: “Ready4Work racking adds to the versatility of the Renault Kangoo, while at the same time offering customers an efficient and cost-effective way to fit out the back of their van with a quality storage solution that meets their needs.

“By opting for either Ready4Work racking kit, Renault Kangoo customers aren’t losing revenue while their new vehicle is being prepared and they are also safe in the knowledge that the equipment they have invested in is covered by one of the most impressive warranties around.”

The Renault Kangoo Ready4Work racking is available to order now and costs from £1,150 including VAT.

Renault Kangoo with Ready4Work racking
A place for everything – Renault Kangoo with Ready4Work racking


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