Renault Pro+ - new brand to meet all the requirements of van users
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REVEALED in parallel to the ALASKAN Concept Pick-up, Renault has also announced it is to launch Renault Pro+, a global expert brand committed to serving LCV customers and users.

Until now, Pro+ was the name for Renault LCV’s specialist network, offering comprehensive services to LCV buyers and users, in specific points of sale with high volumes of LCV activity.

Now, as an expert brand, in addition to being a specialist network, Renault Pro+ will accompany Renault’s LCV customers along their entire journey, from searching for the right vehicle and purchasing it, to the whole ownership period, ensuring a positive customer experience throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.

Renault Pro+ will accompany Renault’s LCV customers along their entire journey

The Renault Pro+ expert brand is designed to embody Renault’s customer promise and forms an integral part of its plans to become a top global LCV market player.

The products Renault Pro+ will offer LCV customers feature three differentiating characteristics.

The first are ‘Tailor-made’ vehicles, as illustrated by the extent of Renault’s LCV range (more than 640 versions) and specific adaptations, which provides a response to all types of customer needs.

The second is ‘Ingenious Innovation’, as illustrated by the Wide View mirror which optimizes driver and passenger safety. The third is the ‘Easy Experience’, as highlighted by the Trafic and Master’s Mobile Office concept providing a seamless extension of the user’s actual office.

“We are now equipped to take our Global Growth Plan forward and fulfil the aspirations of business users and individual LCV customers across the world, thanks to an enhanced product line-up, new services and an upgraded customer experience”, commented Mr. Ashwani Gupta, Vice-President, Global Head of LCVs.

What Renault Pro+ means to you

  • At the dealership identifying the right van for your needs before you buy
  • Identify additional accessories your van will need for your business (racking systems, wrapping services and so on)
  • Provide in life consultancy service throughout your ownership of the van



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