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Flags flutter outside Renault West London Pro+ Centre

Renault’s new Pro+ Centre: large van focus

New West London Centre at vanguard of 22 site roll out

RENAULT has launched a major van service initiative, in preparation for the launch of the next-generation Master range next April.

The new Master will include larger, rear-drive chassis-cab versions up to 4.5 tonnes GVW – and 22 Renault dealers across the UK are being equipped with upgraded workshops, with 8-tonne service ramps.

The new dealers are being designated Pro+ dealers – and like the caffeine tablets, they’ll keep working longer, with extended opening hours to minimise van and business car operators’ off-road time. Centres will be open from 7am to 6pm Monday-Friday, and 8:30am-4:30pm on Saturday.

The Pro+ centres are being launched in addition to Renault’s existing business centres. “Pro+ is designed to give additional services to specific customer groups – big fleets, and owners of bigger vans up to 7.5 tonnes – including non-Renault vehicles,” said Roland Bouchara, managing director of Renault UK.

Non-Renault service supplied, too

Renault has invested heavily in the diagnostic equipment to handle other brands at the Pro+ dealerships, as well as equipment to handle specialist body conversions. And while they won’t be able to handle warranty work, Renault hopes they will offer a new option to mixed fleet operators for general service and repair work.

The first Pro+ dealership has opened at Renault’s massive company-owned dealership in Acton, West London, next to the A40. Another three London-area Renault Retail Group sites will open Pro+ centres before the end of the years. None of the 22 sites will be Renault-owned, including Leicester, Manchester and Liverpool. The others will be independent dealerships, and all 22 will be up and running by next April.

At Acton, there are six dedicated technicians with specialist training on commercial vehicles, as well as four sales executives with specialist technical knowledge on converted products and vehicle funding solutions for business. There are also three service advisors with direct access to a technical hotline for converted vehicles and a large demonstration fleet, exclusive to Renault Pro+ customers.

Specialist loan vehicles

Other features include an enhanced demo fleet of specialist vehicles – which means if you need a specialised loan vehicle – such as a refrigerated van or a tipper – to keep you business running while your van is being fixed, Renault will provide one from the demo fleet. This is part of an 11-point ‘Business Customer Promise’ to ensure that the new standards are consistently met.

Thierry Braems, sales and marketing director of Renault’s international van division, told van operators at the launch of the Acton site: “Our teams understand that your vehicles are vital business tools, and that the entire relationship between our businesses – from the selection and purchase of a vehicle through to the total ownership and maintenance of that vehicle – impacts on your efficiency. By managing and investing in our processes and resources, we can provide the very highest level of customer service bespoke to professional users.”

Further information

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