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In Car Cleverness
If your business uses rental vans, you’ll now get all the business van benefits of tracking the vans you rent

BUSINESS van managers trying to keep track of their vans will welcome the latest innovation from Practical Car & Van Rental.

The firm, one of the largest vehicle rental companies in the UK, has partnered with, In-Car Cleverness (ICC) and will in future be offering ICC’s telematics systems.

The system will analyse driver behaviour during rentals, and make it easy for users to keep track of their vans

In-Car Cleverness has been developed over 250 million miles of real-world testing and is based around an easy-to-use dashboard interface that can be personalised to the user.

The system will analyse driver behaviour during rentals, and make it easy for users to keep track of their vans and be advised of any faults. ICC also offers accurate mileage recording and a cutting-edge incident reconstruction system.

According to ICC Commercial Director Tim Eaves, the system provides rental operators with much-needed information. “Whereas fleet operators know their drivers and can offer training and advice if the behaviour of individuals behind the wheel is costing them money, rental companies typically know nothing about the people driving their vehicles,” he says.

“That’s where the asset protection benefits of ICC come into their own – being able to see where their vehicles are, how they are being driven and exactly who is liable after an accident will save Practical money in insurance costs alone.”

Practical Managing Director Graham Lond believes the adoption of ICC will undoubtedly result in cost savings due to better vehicle management and protection.

“It will give us more ammunition to keep insurance costs at a low level,” he adds.

“With 95 per cent of the Practical network taking up Practical’s Allianz insurance package, we are expecting a very high percentage of franchisees to adopt the ICC proposition. In turn, this will keep insurance costs down so everyone wins.”

Practical will offer the ICC system across its 130 franchisees and their 7,000 vehicles.


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