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The DrivePlus Van app allows van drivers to monitor their own driving habits – and cut insurance rates as they improve

VAN drivers could save money in future – by getting their phones to spy on their on-the-road performance.

A new telematics App from Direct Line for Business (DL4B) monitors driving behaviour, with the potential reward a discount on insurance costs.

A high score can be redeemed against insurance costs, saving up to 15 per cent

DrivePlus Van is free to download and available for the iPhone using iOS 6 or later software, and Androids with the 2.2 Froyo or later system.

The App logs driving behaviour and once 300 miles are clocked up, marks the driver with a score of up to 100. A high score produces a promotion code that can be redeemed against insurance costs with Direct Line, saving up to 15 per cent.

The telematics system looks to promote responsible driving by directly linking driving behaviour, such as cornering and braking, to the cost of insurance.

DrivePlus Van records journey time, distance travelled and driving score, and has a facility to untag journeys that are not applicable, for example when the phone owner is a passenger in another road vehicle, or on a train or a bus.

Jasvinder Gakhal at Direct Line for Business points out that telematics has been used for a number of years by Fleet managers in order to track their vehicles and optimise productivity, and Direct Line for Business is bringing that technology to owners of single vans in an easy to use app.

“With capital still stretched for many small businesses, owners of commercial vans are understandably concerned about the cost and risks of operating their vehicle,” Gakhal adds.

“Telematics encourages responsible driving and through our App this can earn drivers a significant discount on their van insurance.”

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