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Saviour: The new name for good thorough repairs


Robin Roberts

In a bid to reduce the number of vehicles written-off by insurance companies due to accident damage, Mercedes-Benz UK has launched its new write-off avoidance programme – Saviour.

The programme focuses on vehicles in Category C for extensively damaged, and D which are damaged, which would normally be considered as beyond economical repair and provides the necessary support for them to be repaired by a Mercedes-Benz approved Collision Repair Facility, using Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

For Mercedes-Benz vehicles, parts prices represent approximately 53% of a collision repair cost. Where a vehicle is considered as borderline write-off, approved Collision Repair Facilities are provided with reduced Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts prices and direct financial support, to ensure that a bill price is arrived at which encourages the insurer to decide in favour of a repair, rather than a write-off.

Jemma Page, Body Repair Programme Manager of Mercedes-Benz UK, said, “Saviour will work towards ensuring insurance companies direct more Mercedes-Benz collision repairs to Mercedes-Benz approved Collision Repair Facilities.

“Write-off avoidance will help our Approved Collision Repair Facilities through increased revenue from labour sales, a decrease in costs due to non-recoverable overheads like estimating a repair for a vehicle that later turns into a total loss, and a reduction in total loss ratio.

“The programme provides a direct point of contact at the manufacturer, and ultimately increased satisfaction and retention of Mercedes-Benz customers.”

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