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Pay up: Nottingham City introduce workplace parking tax

Author: Robin Roberts

Are you and your van based in Nottingham, home of the famous Robin Hood?

The man with the brilliant archery skills would be disappointed to find that Nottingham City Council has introduced what the AA is calling a “tax on work”, as the city finds itself the first place in the country to have a workplace charge scheme introduced.

Companies will have to pay £288 for each individual parking space offered to their staff if they have more than ten parking spaces at their premises. This cost is scheduled to rise with inflation at 3%. AA president, Edmund King, said: “At a time when drivers are facing record prices at the pumps, further charges for parking at work are the last thing they need.

“This damaging “tax on work” should be stopped from spreading elsewhere as it will damage the economy and hit employees who just can’t afford it.”

The Nottingham parking scheme is intended to provide revenue for local transport systems, and to try and incentivise employees to use public transport to reach work. Which is hardly any use for van operators and their drivers.

The unpopular workplace charging scheme is seen by many as another method of raising taxes. The Sheriff of Nottingham would be pleased; Robin Hood certainly wouldn’t.


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