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Pelipod can keep your parcels safe until you get home

Couriers can cut down on wasted journeys, reduce their costs and green footprint with the help of a smart postbox.

Pelipod is a secure, intelligent and connected home delivery solution designed to improve customer satisfaction and convenience.

The large Pelipod box is fixed outside premises and the courier simply opens the lid to deposit items, using a unique specific security code generated at the point of order and the drop is recorded by an in-built camera.

The parcel to person solution will dramatically improve carrier first-time delivery rates

The parcel to person solution will dramatically improve carrier first-time delivery rates and will enable retailers to offer customers the full range of collection options from in-store, locker box, time slot delivery to safe and secure home delivery even when the customer is not home. Crucially Pelipod requires no integration with courier or retailer systems to function effectively.

“Pelipod is the perfect complement to other fulfilment solutions in the market today. Retailers and carriers now have an option to offer customers home delivery without having wait in for it. Our service is the last piece of omnichannel retail delivery puzzle” commented Karl Wills, Pelipod CEO.

Once a delivery has been made, the user, carrier and retailer have access to full proof of delivery including delivery time and date. An integrated camera captures an image of the parcel once the box has been closed to ensure that no other items were removed during the delivery, enabling multiple secure deliveries or returns each day.

Pelipod’s vision is to revolutionise parcel delivery and collection by bringing reliable, time-efficient and easy-to-use technologies to homes and businesses.

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