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Speedian new website
Spedian are so pleased with their SuperLite product that they have launched a dedicated website to showcase it

Specialists in van graphics Spedian Limited has launched a new website dedicated solely to their revolutionary Spedian SuperLite system.

the SuperLite system leaves no damage to the van when the graphics are taken off

The SuperLite system allows van owners to change their graphics quickly and easily, allowing for targeted advertising all year round, rather than an unchangeable message that using traditional vinyl graphics would offer.

In addition, and rather crucially, the SuperLite system leaves no damage to the van when the graphics are taken off.

Van graphic reach

Research has shown that if a company has 10 vans in the East Midlands area, over 700K adults over the age of 17 will see the message on their vans on average, just under 3 times every week in daylight hours.

This is equivalent to 24.5% of the population – with 20 vans in the same test area, the message could reach 39.4% of the population on weekdays.

Lawrence Craig, Director of Spedian, said;

“Vans are a reflection of the business that owns them – most companies will make the mistake of having the same graphics on their light commercial vehicles that say the same thing over and over again. Typically, a logo, name, website and telephone number will be on display.

What businesses can do with our SuperLite system, developed in conjunction with 3M, is change their graphics to suit their promotions. They can vary messages with the seasons and promote special deals, with little effort and no damage to their van.”

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