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Bailey International Steeplejacks
Bailey International Steeplejacks at work – new Ctrack telematics of the company’s vans has helped improve the companies their

A VEHICLE tracking systems company has completed its tallest order and topped it off with significant savings for the business involved.

Bailey International Steeplejacks, who work on industrial chimneys and tall structures, has awarded a contract extension to Ctrack for the provision of vehicle tracking across 18 vans and cars within its fleet.

Since using the advanced telematics solution, Bailey International Steeplejacks says it has achieved a wide range of business and operational benefits including a 15 per cent reduction in fuel usage.

Bailey International Steeplejacks has used the Ctrack system to gain added visibility and control over its team of specialist steeplejacks and technicians that carry out the inspection, maintenance and repair of many types of high-level structures.

The tracking tool provides real-time information on the location and status of vehicles, enabling the company to make best use of resources, support changing customer needs and react quickly to all incoming requirements.

The data capture and reporting functionality of the Ctrack system has enabled Bailey International Steeplejacks to automate payroll processes to support effective timesheet verification and accurate payment of wages – and reduce back office admin at the same time as well as reducing vehicle use which saves fuel.

Furthermore, access to real-time and historical data has enabled Bailey International Steeplejacks to provide proof of work to customers. The company is contracted by many large corporate businesses and public sector organisations that demand a detailed breakdown of all undertaken work, so Ctrack is used to provide evidence of completed contractual obligations, resolve any disputes and respond to customer queries.



Bailey International SteeplejacksIn addition, Ctrack can provide detailed insight into accidents and driving and parking offences to challenge fictitious claims and penalties.

Andy Bailey, Director of Bailey International Steeplejacks said, “Vehicle tracking provides us with complete peace of mind that underpins the effective and successful running of our business.

“Not only does it help to optimise and manage our highly-skilled workforce, but also protect against unnecessary costs, difficulties and risks. We selected Ctrack because it delivers an advanced tracking tool supported by high levels of service to meet our operational requirements and achieve clear benefits.”



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