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Nissan NV400
The Nissan NV400 shares a platform with the Vauxhall Movano and Renault Master – and it makes a great value buy at around 12 months old

IF you are thinking of buying used vans, how to do make your decision about which manufacturer to go for?

If you simply buy whatever is going cheap, then you may be letting yourself in for big problems. offers advice on best LCV buys and this month, expert Dave Hill highlights the outgoing Ford Transit Trend short wheelbase, the Volkswagen Caddy (104bhp plus) and the Nissan NV400 as great value used vans.

Dave says: “The outgoing Ford Transit short wheelbase has a great reputation and those with the Trend specification are the prime choice. When new, these probably cost around £800 more for the extras – electric windows, air conditioning, front fog lamps etc – but used examples now command an additional £1500 compared with a standard model.

“In terms of vans that hold their value, safe bets don’t come much safer than the Volkswagen Caddy, but is has to be at least a 104bhp model. These small vans are usually well looked after because the first owners tend to treat them like a car.

“They are popular vans to customise and if you can find a 140bhp model with a DSG automatic gearbox then that’s the one to buy.

“For our ‘used star’ this month I’ve chosen the Nissan NV 400. This is not high on the shopping list of many new van buyers, but it shares a platform with the Renault Master and Vauxhall Movano.

“The list price on a new long wheelbase 125bhp SE is around the £25k mark, but 12-month old, sub-10,000 mile examples can be found for almost £10k less.”

Click here for our van review of the Nissan NV400.

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