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Driving tired can be fatal

Driving tired: can be fatal

Business drivers ignore advice on driving rests

A survey of 500 business drivers has found that 83 – one in every six – never take a break due to time pressures.

According to government statistics, the consequences of ignoring this practice could be fatal.

Falling asleep at the wheel accounts for up to 20% of motorway crashes; and those drivers who fall asleep at the wheel are 50% more likely to die or suffer serious injury.

The findings, from a survey by car company Skoda, found that growing congestion and fatigue were constantly front of mind for business car users, but only one in seven would consider changing jobs if it meant doing fewer business miles.

The majority (56%) accepted high mileage as an integral to their job.

Attitudes to business car alternatives – such as video conferencing and working from home – split respondents: 46% expressed a keen interest; while 45% would still rather get behind the wheel.

“When it comes to work-related travel, the car remains the business tool of choice,” said Martin Burke, head of business sales,

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