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Bright start for van sales in January
Ford topped the sales league in January with 26.3% of the market

TRADESPEOPLE and van operators have started the new year brightly: you’ve been buying vans. Lots of them.

Registrations of vans up to 3.5 tonnes increased by of 11.9% compared with January 2012. Not only vans, but pick-ups, too.

Pick-ups were up 34.5% compared with January last year.

Sue Robinson, Director of the RMI National Franchised Dealers Association, said that the demand had been boosted by some of the very good pick-up and van offers on the market (for example, see our news story Pick-up a Mitsubishi L200 Trojan with £2,000 off).

“The pick-up and mid size van sectors both experienced strong sales during January. These vehicles are often purchased by the self employed which perhaps indicates a boost in a sector that is often used as a barometer on the general public’s spending confidence.”

Total sales reached 16,049, and Ford took the lion’s share of the market at 26.3% with 4,178 registrations, followed by Volkswagen on 2,386 sales (15%), and Vauxhall in third place, with sales at 1,755 and a 10.94% market share.


January van sales – how the makers stacked up

Marque January sales Market share (%)
FORD 4,178 26.03
VAUXHALL 1,755 10.94
CITROEN 1,627 10.14
PEUGEOT 1,161 7.23
NISSAN 725 4.52
FIAT 705 4.39
MERCEDES 648 4.04
TOYOTA 633 3.94
RENAULT 589 3.67

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