Vauxhall Vivaro Limited Edition NAV 306690
Vauxhall Vivaro: commanding high values in the medium van sector
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THOSE boys at data specialists cap hpi have been doing some number crunching for you to find out which are the vans that doing best in the wholesale used van market.

And they’ve put together The Top 10 tables below to offer a clear picture of the makes and models in the main LCV sectors that continue to drive prices in the used LCV Market.

Some of it is in industry-speak but we thought you would like to see which vans are holding value best.

Steve Botfield, senior editor commercial vehicles at cap hpi said: “The last week of October saw a downward shift in the sales conversion rate as it dipped to 62% compared to the year to date average of just under 68%. However, this apparent downturn in demand was short-lived as the conversion rate increased week on week throughout November averaging just under 67%.

“Whether this bears testament to the continuing strength of used LCV retail market remains to be seen. In the run-up to the Christmas break, with fewer auctions for trade buyers to attend and speculation that supply will be disrupted by the holidays, historically, November tends to be a relatively strong month for LCV sales. This could be attributed to dealers stocking-up their forecourts to take advantage of the January spike in retail demand.”

City Van Sector

Steve Botfield, said: “With a noticeable increase in vans on sale at auctions this month, perhaps not surprisingly the research data reveals a 1.5% increase in the sector market share for city vans to 5.27%. This is the highest proportion of sales for city vans we’ve seen we’ve seen so far in Quarter 4, however, the average price performance was just over 1% below the guide prices at 98.46%.”

Small Van Sector

“At 22.97%, the small van sector market share was down by almost 1.5% last month whilst average market prices remained strong at just under 101% of the guide.”

Medium van sector

“The medium van sector market share was up by just over 1.2% last month whilst the average price performance remained strong at just over the guide price at 100.31%. Ford Transit Custom continues to dominate this sector whilst there were noticeably less Trafic and Vivaro around than we’ve seen in recent weeks. Ford Custom prices weakened slightly which may well be volume-related.”

Large van sector

“At 18.89% the sector market share for large vans was up by just under 1% last month whilst the overall price performance was down by just under 2% against the guide. Whilst old shape Transit are still proving popular with some buyers providing they are in above average condition, the vast majority are underperforming considerably.”

Lifestyle SUV Pick-up sector

“Lifestyle pickups performed well last month as market prices held firm at 100.82% although the sector market share of total LCV sales was down by just over 1%.”

4 x 4 Pick-up Workhorse sector

“With relatively fewer 4×4 workhorse models on sale this month we have taken the opportunity to conduct an in-depth review of models in this sector resulting in some significant changes to the guide prices.”


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