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The advantage of a Hilux conversion over a fire engine is the ability to access much tighter locations, and of course cost

THE CV Show was the first time we’ve seen the Toyota Hilux pick-up converted for the role of fire tender.

The Hilux, converted by Lancashire-based Pickup Systems, is a rapid intervention vehicle designed to tackle smaller fires that cannot be reached by a conventional tender and also don’t require a large crew – car fires for example.

The pick-up can get into tighter spaces than a large appliance and its four-wheel-drive transmission system allows it to reach incidents away from tarmac.

The pick-up is fully kitted out with cameras, interior and exterior lights, water and chemical tanks, a fire fogging system, storage for all the kit, and its been given full macho fire and rescue livery.

East Midlands Fire Service has 30 Toyota Hilux rapid intervention vehicles in service and other brigades are evaluating or considering adopting the tenders, which are more effective than conventional appliances in many fire situations.

The Toyota Hilux conversion, depending on requirements, costs around £50,000.


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