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Tracker systems help police recover £1 million-worth of stolen vehicles every month

WITH an impressive record of £479 million-worth of stolen vehicles recovered over its 20-year history, there’s no doubting the effectiveness of the Tracker telematic system.

More than one million vehicles have been equipped with the company’s security and fleet management systems helping police recover an average of £1 million-worth of stolen vehicles a month.

Tracker has now been acquired by Lysanda, a leading telematics technology provider for fleet, insurance and OEM markets, bringing the two operations together in the newly established Tantalum Corporation.

Lysanda, itself a subsidiary of Direct Line Group, is an automotive specialist in Duty of Care, driver behaviour and fuel management solutions based on a blend of GPS and data acquisition.

The move will provide a platform for Tracker to expand its services in Europe. Lysanda aims its services at major global accounts, and most of its revenue comes from outside the UK. Tracker and Lysanda will be developing joint plans over the coming months.

Tracker managing director Stephen Doran told Business Vans: “In 2013 we outperformed our growth targets in all of our markets, despite the fairly intense process of managing the sale of the business.

“We are understandably looking forward to focusing on the opportunities presented by combining the technologies and business operations of both companies which can only serve to accelerate our development.”

The UK is set to play a leading role in the development of the global fleet telematics.

Growth in the market for telematics and vehicle management is forecast to continue at 15-20% a year to 2020.

It’s being driven by rapid returns on investment from better vehicle usage, reduced fuel consumption, increased road charging regulation, insurance-led incentives to deploy telematics, and the emergence of low-cost solutions based on on-board diagnostics dongles and smartphones.

The fastest growth is likely to be in vans, where government mandates are likely to have have a big impact.


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