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Commercial Group Ford Transit - Green Fleet Hero award winner

Commercial Group Transit: green winner

Commercial Group named Best Small Fleet by Energy Saving Trust

Commercial Group has been named Best Small Fleet in the Energy Saving Trust Green Fleet Hero awards.

The office services and supplies company, which runs 12 Ford Transit delivery vans, managed to slash 89,000 miles from its delivery roster.

It has also managed to axe two delivery routes, thanks to a vehicle tracking system which identified more efficient drop-off paths.

The company has also managed to reduce its total fleet emissions – vans and cars – by over 50%.

“We achieved this through a number of initiatives,” commented Robert Paddock, distribution & logistics manager, Commercial Group.

“For example, the dynamic routing system and use of remote located vans has removed the need for two van routes. The system uses a combination of trackers, computer mapping software, local knowledge and intelligence to ensure that each van route is optimised. It thus reduces travel between delivery points.”

The company also uses biodiesel as part of its emissions reduction programme.

This is the third year that the Energy Saving Trust has run its Green Fleet Heroes awards.