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DRIVING for business you’re sure to have come across annoying scenarios along the way.

Whether it’s encountering fellow drivers with a severe case of road rage, needing to swerve pesky potholes on rural roads or getting stuck in a highly inconvenient traffic jam.

Delays and issues on your journey for work purposes can be disruptive and costly for your business. We’ve put together this list of our top five most annoying things to happen during a journey.

  1. Breakdowns

Do you drive a van for work? If you do, you know how important it is to keep it on the road. A breakdown is the ultimate inconvenience – and every moment that your van isn’t moving it’s costing you revenue through lost work. But getting your hands on great quality van breakdown cover will ensure you’re back on the road in no time. With the right cover, a breakdown of your van definitely won’t be as annoying as it could potentially be.

  1. Roadworks

Ahh roadworks – there’s nothing more irritating than being on time to make it to a job and getting held up by a roadwork-induced traffic jam. It’s happened to all of us, not only for work! How many times have you planned your route, left with plenty of time to spare and suddenly found yourself in bumper to bumper traffic? Annoying isn’t it? The best way to avoid these queues is to check where where planned roadworks are before you travel and reroute yourself to cruise past congestion hassle free.

  1. Unexpected diversions

Being diverted on a road you don’t know can add a huge chunk of time to your journey that you can’t afford. Many diversions can last for miles and miles, taking you down rural back roads and adding in potential hazards such as potholes. You could have been driving without GPS because you knew how to get to your destination via your original route. In this scenario you would need to pull over to legally set up your sat nav before continuing your journey. This is right up there with roadworks on the annoying scale!

  1. Other road users

One of the most annoying things about driving for work is that you need to rely on other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians behaving in a safe manner daily. You can trust yourself to abide by the law and remain safe. But drivers not using their indicators, tailgating and speeding or people potentially stepping or pulling out in front of your vehicle all cause hazards. Stay switched on at all times!

  1. Being forced to go slow

Remember when we said an unexpected diversion could potentially mean you could find yourself on a rural road you’ve never travelled on before? One of the most irritating things that comes along with this is the extremely high chance you’ll get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle. This could include tractors, lorries, caravans and drivers in no rush whatsoever. Small or narrow roads mean there’s little room to overtake safely, especially when it’s a previously unknown route to you. So you have to remain patient, don’t tailgate, and hope the slow vehicle either turns off or kindly pulls over to let you pass – you never know your luck.




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