Trefor TRIPL eletric delivery trike is coming to Britain
The Trefor TRIPL electric delivery trike is coming to Britain
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AN ELECTRIC delivery trike with the cargo capacity of a small van is about to go on sale in the UK, the Trefor TRIPL aimed at urban and last-mile deliveries with specifications including heated and refrigerated load bays.

The Danish-built Trefor TRIPL is emissions-free and low on noise, making it the ideal vehicle for use in major cities.

The trike has a top speed of 28mph – fast enough for most congested urban roads – and will run for up to 60 miles per day on one charge. A full charge could take up to eight hours using a traditional three-pin 240v socket, but can be achieved much more quickly where fast charging networks exist.

Trefor TRIPL electric delivery trike
750-litre cargo bay

Much like a standard small van, it can be adapted to suit all sorts of operational uses, with racking, heated and refrigerated load bays and an urban waste collection function.
It is powered by an 8KW/h Samsung lithium-ion battery with a driven rear hub and also features a 12V power outlet. The load bay is 1.25 metres long, 0.9 metres wide and 0.7 metres deep and has a volume of 750 litres (about 26 cubic feet), along with a 200kg payload.

Equipped with a reverse gear and a turning diameter of 7.5 meters, TRIPL is easy to manoeuver in urban environments. TRIPL makes light of small urban roads and narrow streets where lorry or van access can both be difficult and time-consuming.

The process of delivering cargo is thus highly efficient and accessibility is aided by the fact that TRIPL can be put in reverse so the driver can turn the vehicle quickly and proceed to the next delivery.

The TRIPL was previewed at Transport for London’s LoCity event in the capital last month, and proved to be such a significant draw that Trefor has confirmed plans to sell the quirky commercial in the UK.

The company is said to be in talks with potential operators and is actively recruiting servicing, parts and leasing partners, with the first TRIPLs expected to go into service later in the summer.

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