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Ford is encouraging SMEs by covering the cost of designing and fitted branded livery to their vans.

TRUSTFORD Business Solutions is offering free livery to start-up businesses and SMEs who are involved in rebranding.

What’s the catch? Doesn’t sound like there is one. The reason is that the offer is part of Ford Retail’s own rebranding exercise – as TrustFord.

TrustFord wants to encourage small business owners with a helping hand to cover the cost of the design and fitting of new branded livery for their vans. There’ll also be advice on how to manage the costs involved in running a small fleet.

Alan Maloney, TrustFord Business Solutions Sales Development Director, commented, “Whether it’s just one car ferrying a salesperson to a meeting, or a hundred vans delivering products, a fleet plays an integral role in any small business.

“To help our small business customers get a head start in their fleet management, we want to offer entrepreneurs just setting off, or those looking for a fresh start, the opportunity for TrustFord to take care of this important first step.

“We’re looking forward to supporting our customers along their rebranding journey, as we rebrand ourselves.”


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