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Solent Rib Charter uses a small fleet of Toyota Hilux pick-ups to tow its charter fleet around the country to different launch sites. The Truckman hardtop provides the secure storage needed

SO much stuff is made in China these days that it’s good to see a hard-working British manufacturer doing well.

West Midlands-based Auto Styling Truckman, a manufacturer of hardtops for pick-up trucks, has renewed a deal with Solent Rib Charter to provide hard-tops for its new fleet of Toyota Hilux vehicles. Ribs, by the way, are those go-anywhere boats that promise thrills and spills for those of an adventurous bent.

Solent originally came to Truckman back in 2010 so was obviously delighted with its purchases back then, hence the repeat order.

Adding the hardtops has allowed Solent to take full advantage of the vehicles. They create a safe and secure storage space, enabling the company to transport and have easy access to equipment at multiple launch sites.

Established in 2001, Solent has become Europe’s largest rib charter operator with a total of 32 boats, and operates in locations including Weymouth, Southampton and Portsmouth.

Mike Wheeler, managing director of Auto Styling Truckman, said: “We are delighted to be able to work with Solent Rib Charter again. Securing repeat orders is an excellent endorsement for the quality of our product and the service we offer to our customers.

“Pick-up trucks are becoming increasingly popular vehicles for growing businesses. The addition of a hardtop provides a more complete vehicle for companies that require a flexible and secure storage option. I am sure Solent Rib will get maximum benefit from the new hardtops.”

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