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Truckman hard tops fit all the major pick-ups and can be fitted out with racking and storage just like a van

THE weather’s pretty poor right now and if you use a pick-up, you probably don’t appreciate the effect of the seemingly endless rain on what you carry in the back.

Well hard top specialist Auto Styling Truckman has the answer in its Truckman utility top range, which has now been expanded to cope with soaring UK demand for pick-ups, up more than 20 per cent in 2013.

The British-built range of Truckman hard tops was originally designed to fit the Mitsubishi L200, Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux pick-ups. Now there are versions to suit the L200’s Double Cab Long Bed and Club Cab models, the Ranger’s Double Cab and Super Cab variants, and the Toyota Hilux Double Cab.

And owners of Ford Ranger Single Cabs should not feel left out – a version for this pick-up is on the way.

Each utility top includes a solid bulkhead for improved security and driver protection, and a sandwich panel roof for additional strength and insulation. Racking and storage systems can be installed while the roof can carry a static weight of 100kg.

Access is by large double-skin side and rear doors, secured by double-slam locks. These doors also channel rainwater away from the driver and vehicle contents when opened. An electrical conduit is built in for easy wiring of lights and other systems and the interior is finished in white gloss for effective wet cleaning.

Auto Styling Truckman says that from just over £2000 its tops turn pick-ups into truly versatile vehicles, offering the storage space of a van while losing none of their off-road ability.

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