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The Axiam Mega Van like this one at the University of Birmingham is the most popular EV to get a university place

BRITAIN’s universities are 70 times more likely to own an electric vehicle than the rest of us.

That’s the finding of  a freedom of information survey sent out to 116 UK universities by Intelligent Car Leasing.

114 universities responded and of those, 59% owned at least one electric vehicle – a very high adoption rate. Many of those which don’t operate an electric vehicle said that they planned to in the near future.

Although the last year has seen a significant change in the EV market, only 0.11% of new vehicle registrations in the UK in 2013 was of purely electric vehicles.

Against that background the finding that of all the vehicles owned by universities 7.73% are EVs is an impressive indication of their willingness to adopt the technology. 

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