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Double cab at Manheim auction

Double cabs with 4×4: in demand after snow

Strong demand for 4×4 double cabs

THE snowy weather has suddenly put a premium on four-wheel drive. Auction company Manheim reports that well-specified 4×4 double cab vehicles have been extremely popular since the start of the year.

There has also been a resurgence in demand for Tippers, reports Manheim. This follows a period at the end of 2009 when Tippers struggled to attract interest.

Demand is linked closely to the fortunes of the housing market. This upturn is subsequently associated with the increasing number of builders and developers who are restarting work on ‘mothballed’ development projects reckons Manheim.

Overall, prices remained strong, said Alex Wright, sales director Cvs: “Wholesale van auction stock remains in short supply, ensuring used values remain strong and, with demand outstripping supply,” he added.

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