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Toyota Hilux double cab

Used pick-ups: prices on the up says Manheim

Price recovery for all-wheel drive pick-ups

GOOD news for operators of pick-ups. Prices of used examples are picking up. Big time.

According to auction house Manheim in its August Market Analysis for Vans, values of 4×4 pick-ups hit £6,204 – that’s 48.3% (£2,023) higher than in February 2009.

While prices have risen, mileage has gone the other way: the average mileage over the same period has dropped from 67,933 miles to 59,223 miles. And so has the age profile – by five months.

The significant rise in average values has been driven by a recovery in values of models over 24 months old, reported Manheim. Sales director Alex Wright said it was a price pick-up that Manheim had been expecting.

“This segment is a mature market in the wholesale arena with well established demand and plenty of choice,” commented Wright.

“Average values were so reasonable at the beginning of the year that many dealers, including a growing number of car dealers, saw the incredible value offered by double-cabs and 4×4 pick-ups. With 4×4 pick-ups categorised as commercial vehicles they would have avoided the government’s planned retrospective road fund licence increases.”

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