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BVRLA: no payload an issue for CO2 database

Trade body criticises CO2 van database for lack of information

THE British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA) has criticised the recently launched van CO2 database from the Department of Transport.

The database allows users to search for vans in three categories – small, medium and large – and obtain the CO2 emissions along with the gross vehicle weight, miles per gallon and load length.

However, there is no provision for payload – a glaring omission says the BVRLA.

“In our view and that of the major van purchasers – such as BT Fleet – the payload information is vital in terms of determining whether the van you are choosing to purchase is fit for purpose,” said John Lewis, chief executive, BVRLA.

“We are shocked that the information is not in the database, especially given the road safety implications of vehicles being driven overloaded.”

He continued: “One of the main reasons for the delay in this database being published was that SMMT were concerned that van buyers would make the wrong choice of van by using only the CO2 data to guide their purchase, rather than the vehicle

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