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Don't make crime pay

Construction business the most common target

Up to £2.2bn in stolen tools across the country

One in five small businesses have been hit by van crime.

The total cost could add up to a £2.2bn black market in stolen gear.

However, nearly 16 per cent of small business van drivers leave their tools in their vans overnight. One in 10 left power tools or their job-specific specialist equipment, the Zurich survey found.

The most vehicle crime-prone area was the West Midlands (31%), followed by London (26%) and East Anglia (22%).

The key target was small businesses in the construction industry: 27% had been victims of vehicle crime.

The top six regions for vehicle crime

  • West Midlands 31.2%
  • London 25.7%
  • East Anglia 22.2%
  • Scotland 20.0%
  • South West 20.0%
  • Wales 15.2%

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