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With the UKs economy destined to be affected by wider political and financial problems, Glass’s are advising commercial dealers to take a proactive stance

ACCORDING to George Alexander, chief editor at Glass’s Guide for Commercial Vehicles, it’s vital dealers know their customers and make appropriate business decisions based on the market which is developing.

“With several European economies currently trying to avoid slipping back into recession, the consensus of opinion is that the last quarter will bring with it some stiff challenges,” he writes.

If the UK’s economy is destined to be affected by wider political and financial problems, commercial vehicle dealers would be well advised to take a proactive stance, Glass’s say.

Whilst maximising each market opportunity that presents itself Glass’s say they should not delay making any appropriate business changes needed to keep trading profitably.

With some major economies across the channel teetering, our financial robustness will again be pressure tested. However, prospects for sales of used commercial vehicles domestically are by no means bleak.

“It has been clearly demonstrated over recent times that, providing dealers keep a cool head and adopt a flexible approach to their customers’ changing needs, they will prosper.

“Over the past five years, many of those businesses that didn’t follow this path are no longer trading.”

If dealers stick to the fundamentals of knowing their local marketplace and supplying the used commercial vehicle stock it needs, then the worst effects on any temporary market weakness are minimised.

Regardless of how well the wider economy is performing, providing that the stock being offered is priced to match the prevailing demand, good profits can be taken.

“As always, if you anticipate what your customers are likely to require and buy the appropriate stock at the right price, selling becomes relatively straightforward,” he added.


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