Van drivers get romantic on Valentines day
Van drivers make sure love is in the air on Valentine's Day
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IT’S Valentine’s Day. And what a romantic bunch you van drivers are.

Because van drivers really do go the extra mile for love.

It’s true. Look beyond the van and you’ll see a soft centre at the wheel.

It must be so, because those people at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles surveyed 500 van drivers to find out how romantically inclined they were.

And this is what they found:

  • Fewer than one in five (19%) van drivers say they are not romantic or don’t have a partner
  • A third (34%) of van drivers regularly tell their partner they love them (awwwww!)
  • Three in 10 van drivers (30%) will treat their other half to flowers and chocolates regularly
  • One in six (17%) van drivers will be in constant communication with their partner, texting or phoning all day long
  • A third (33%) of van drivers will arrange romantic dinner dates.
  • More than one in 10 (13%) van drivers still write love letters to their partner, although female van drivers are more likely to pen romantic notes to their partners, with nearly one in five (18%) women saying they do so compared to just one in 10 (10%) men
  • Of the 500 van drivers surveyed, 43 per cent were women.

A spokesperson for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles said:

“Our survey shows that many van drivers are embracing their romantic side and often go that extra mile to do something special for their loved ones. With Valentine’s Day upon us, no doubt Britain’s van drivers will be gearing up to celebrate the special day with their partner.”

Whether they’re sending or receiving goods this Valentine’s Day, Britain’s van drivers will no doubt be busy.

Because they’ll be delivering flowers, chocolates, balloons and other romantic treats up and down the UK, as an integral part of the economy.

And all for love.

Van driver with flowers
How much do I love thee….?


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