Ford Transit has increased its sector lead in July
Ford Transit has increased its sector lead in July
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First fall in 17 months reflects ‘uncertainty’, says SMMT

VAN sales fell for the first time in 17 months in July, “reflecting a more uncertain period for the economy”, according to SMMT Chief Executive Paul Everitt.

Van registrations were down 0.8% to 17,162 in July; though year-to-date sales of 150,400 are still 20.7% up on the corresponding seven-month period of 2010, thanks to a strong start to the year.

Rolling year figures are up 21.6% to 248,736 – suggesting a full-year van market of around the same level, providing sales don’t slide in the last few months of 2011. Meanwhile heavy truck registrations rose 27.5% to 3,519 in July, taking the rolling year figure for the complete Commercial vehicle market up 21.6% to 287,778.

Paul Everitt added: “Truck figures rose by 27.5%, the 10th successive monthly rise and while industry remains cautious, expectations for the remainder of 2011 are optimistic, with van and truck figures looking set to reach 300,000 units by year-end.”

Ford maintained its market lead in the commercial vehicle market with sales increasing in July to 5,436 from 5,242, compared with July 2010. Year to date Ford van sales have increased to 42,713 from 34,674, compared with the same period last year.

Ford Fiesta Van and Ford Transit led the charge for Ford in the LCV and MCV sectors, respectively.

Ford Fiesta Van share in July was 16.7%, up from 13.8% per cent in July 2010; Ford Transit sector share was 28.5%, up from 25.4%. Ford Transit sales climbed in July to 4,457, up from 3,905 in July 2010. For the year to date, Transit sales rose to 33,760 from 24,987 during the same period in 2010.

Top 10 selling van makers in July

1 Ford
2 Vauxhall
3 Volkswagen
4 Peugeot
5 Renault
6 Citroen
7 Mercedes
8 Nissan
9 Mitsubishi
10 Fiat
Source: SMMT light commercial registrations under 3.5t


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