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Hankook Tyres
Fruit-and-veg man Robert Antcliffe: a convert to Hankook tyres

FRUIT and vegetable wholesaler Robert Antcliffe usually expects around 50,000 miles from his tyres, as his Ford Transit has to negotiate a mix of motorways, urban streets and country lanes.

When he took delivery of a new Transit in October 2009, it was the first time he’d used Hankook tyres, fitted as original equipment by Ford.

More than 87,000 miles later, Robert is a convert to the Hankook marque, as the RA08 front tyres are still in place.

He told Business Vans: “The best mileage I’ve had before was around the 50,000-mile mark. I drive on motorways, on country lanes and in town, and fully loaded at least four days a week, so these tyres are fantastic.

Veg wholesaler's high-mileage Hankook tyres hold out against wear
87,000 miles and counting – and the Hankooks are still servicable

“After 87,000 miles, these are still going strong and I’m hoping for another couple of thousand from them yet. I’ll definitely be fitting more Hankook tyres when these finally wear out.”

The RA08 tyre originally fitted to the Transit has now been replaced with the new Vantra LT, said to be even more robust than its predecessor.

According to Hankook, the tyre’s low rolling resistance improves fuel efficiency and minimises environmental impact, and its high wet-braking performance enhances safety.

In addition to improving safety, economy and the environment, the lower rolling resistance also increases fuel efficiency, says Hankook.

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