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Volkswagen, Crafter, vans, RSPCA
The RSPCA Volkswagen Crafters will be covered with winning wraps from competition winners.

The lives of thousands of animals across England and Wales are likely to be saved by a deal with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and the RSPCA.

Called ‘The Networking Project’, it’s a three-year partnership that will enable the animal charity to find loving homes for pets, by giving much-needed cross country transport, for sick and injured wildlife, on top of rescued and abandoned animals.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will provide six Crafter short wheelbase, CR30 2.0-litre TDI 136 PS BlueMotion panel vans as part of the tie-up. These will be specially converted to exact specifications provided by the RSPCA’s operations team, allow a variety of different animals to be safely transported around the country.

When the RSPCA Crafters are travelling around the country picking up and dropping off animals, the animal charity  will reap the benefits of low running costs, which are the result of strong residual values and a fuel efficient engine, that returns 39.8 mpg (combined) yet only emits just 187 g/km of CO2.

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