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OK, so maybe the picture wasn’t taken in the UK, but a staggering 89% of vans stopped by VOSA last year were overloaded – one reason the checks are to be stepped up

THE Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) ­– they’re the guys and gals in yellow coats who try and ensure that all vans on the roads are up to scratch maintenance-wise and not overloaded – is about to be consigned to the annals of history.

68% of vans stopped by VOSA last year were served with a prohibition notice

VOSA is being joined by the Driving Standards Agency and the two will be called the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. This new department will employ 4600 people and will formally be launched in April next year.

VOSA has been targeting vans in the past few months after revelations that around 50% of all light commercial vehicles fail their MOTs at the first attempt, which in effect means they are driving around illegally on the roads.

Furthermore 68% of vans stopped by VOSA last year were served with a prohibition notice and 89% of them were overloaded. The new improved department will be taking more effective steps to stop this abuse by van operators.

The announcement was made by new transport minister Robert Goodwill.

He said: “This decision was made following the motoring services strategy consultation, and is a demonstration of the Government’s commitment to put customers and businesses at the heart of its services.

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