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WITH vehicles across the UK now left on the drive, it’s easy to think nothing can go wrong.

In reality, there’s lots of issues that can occur causing unwanted repair bills further down the line. Here’s some of the issues that are most likely to go wrong with your vehicle under lockdown.

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There is a chance that your tyres have developed weak spots where they have been holding the weight of the car on a specific spot for a period of time. Tyre walls may have cracked too if they haven’t been kept at the ideal pressure, so it’s important to keep track of this.


You may have heard this one before – your battery will come under pressure during lockdown. You’ll see that your car may take longer to get going after being sat for more than a week or two. This can then cause problems for your starter motor.

Starter Motor

If your van’s battery levels have dropped then the strain on your starter motor is going to be apparent The starter motor relies on power from the battery and that can be a problem when your battery is lacking!


Leaving a van to sit on its handbrake can cause lasting damage. You may notice when you let go of your handbrake the brakes are still on. Moisture can get trapped between the wheels and brake discs which can cause this. You should be able to drive on but make sure your handbrake is working properly when you next apply it.


Petrol and diesel can go off and running your van on expired fuel can cause real issues and internal damage. You can get around this by filling your tank to the top, so less air inside the fuel tank will slow the rate at which the fuel will expire.


A diesel will have a diesel particulate filter to take fumes out of the exhaust gases. But a DPF needs to be warmed up to perform, and if it is used without being warmed up then it will become clogged. Try and use your car infrequently to avoid expensive repairs.

Want to avoid as many problems as possible? The best way to do this is to invest in a warranty, assuming your vehicle is already outside of its manufacturer warranty.

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