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An RAC study of accident statistics reveals that van drivers are less likely to be involved in an accident than car drivers

OFTEN perceived as selfish, aggressive and inconsiderate drivers, there is no doubt the white van man has a bad reputation. But is it deserved – or are we a nation of ‘vanophobes’?

Our research clearly paints us as a nation of ‘vanophobes’

Clearly we’re not here at Business Vans.

And, frankly, the reputation is quite undeserved – and that’s official from the RAC, no less.

According to a new study of Government accident statistics, this reputation is well off the mark.

In fact van drivers are less likely to be involved in a reported accident than drivers in cars. In 2012 one in 146 cars was involved in a reportable accident, compared with one in 246 vans.

This means of the 3.3 million vans registered, just 12,575 were involved in accidents. In the same period,  the figure was 197,388 of the 28.7 million cars on British roads.

Ironically, despite more than half of those surveyed (57%) believing van drivers’ reputation is deserved, another  54% believe that they play an important role in the economy.

“While ‘white van man’ has been used as a generic term for van drivers for years, it now seems to have become very much associated with bad driving too,” said RAC Van Insurance spokesman Simon Williams.

“Our research clearly paints us as a nation of ‘vanophobes’ which seems harsh when you look at the accident statistics.

“In fact, you could argue that van drivers are less likely to have an accident as one in 146 car drivers will have an accident compared to one in 261 van drivers.”

So there you are: van drivers 1 – car drivers 0

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