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GTC vans typically clock up over 40,000 miles a year and the last vans the company used picked up some heavy bills outside the warranty. The Sprinter has an unlimited mileage 3 year warranty and that clinched the deal

ENERGY infrastructure specialist Brookfield Utilities UK recently switched to Mercedes-Benz for its vans.

The Bury St Edmunds-based business has companies that specialise in the construction and ownership of ‘last-mile networks’. These include GTC Pipelines and Power On Connections which provide gas and electricity connections to new-build sites.

The whole life costs are very attractive as is the three-year, unlimited mileage warranty

Brookfield uses 120 vans and was recently supplied with 11 Mercedes Sprinter 313 CDIs by north-east dealer Bell Truck and Van. The Sprinters were equipped with bespoke Edstrom racking systems designed for the different roles undertaken by Brookfield’s engineers.

Brookfield Utilities Group Transport Manager Denis Chapman said: “We believe in giving our staff the best tools for the job, and with their bespoke racking for each trade our new Sprinters are already proving to be ideal site vehicles.”

A company manager has also been provided with a Mercedes Citan 109 CDI van as a practical and tax-efficient alternative to a company car.  And Bell Truck and Van will soon be providing a Mercedes Vito, which Brookfield says is ideal for its meter installation teams.

“The whole life costs of Mercedes-Benz ownership are very attractive, as is the three-year, unlimited mileage manufacturer’s warranty,” Chapman told Business Vans.

“Our vans typically clock-up 40,000 miles a year and the cover on our previous supplier’s vehicles runs out after 100,000 miles, as a result of which we’ve incurred some big costs due to major component failures outside the warranty period.”

GTC has also taken on a Mercedes Citan for one of its managers as a practical and tax-efficient alternative to a company car

Bell Truck and Van was recommended to Brookfield Utilities by another supplier.

“We only approached Bell with a view to benchmarking prices but they came back with the best deal,” Chapman said.

“Although geographically they’re a long way from us, they might as well be in the next road and we’re certainly benefiting from the dealer’s personal touch, with regularly updated delivery schedules and vehicles arriving on time and in perfect condition.”

Brookfield Utilities will use the Mercedes-Benz dealer network’s round-the-clock nationwide coverage to maintain its new vans.


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