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Of all the manufacturers, Fiat has seen the biggest rise in sales while Ford stills tops the list

THE inexorable rise in van sales continued in November, with sales of vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight rocketing by 19.4%. Figures for the year to date are up 11.7%.

Ford stayed at Number 1 slot, as it has for the past 47 years, with sales up 6.97% to 63,310 but the manufacturer to watch is Volkswagen. After zooming past Vauxhall to take No2 slot this year the firm’s sales are up an astonishing 21.05% this year at 34,453.

Meanwhile Vauxhall, at No3, has seen sales rise 8.83% this year at 26,834 vehicles.

Biggest rise this year is Fiat, which has seen a boost of 68.49% to 11,274 vans. Biggest loser, meanwhile, is Renault, whose sales have dropped 20.75% to 10,917.

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