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SUPPLY delays following manufacturers converting their model ranges to new, WLTP standards means businesses are being forced in to looking for alternative transport options.

Europcar, part of Europcar Mobility Group, said that during the final quarter of 2018 corporate van rentals with Europcar increased by 11% compared to quarter three, as did the average length of hire.

Stuart Russell, Director, Commercial Vehicles, said the introduction of new legislation regarding vehicle emissions testing was a driving factor behind the increase in demand.

He added: “With legislation specifying that all new vehicles sold from the beginning of Q3 (September 2018) must be certified according to the WLTP testing procedure, many manufacturers encountered supply delays whilst converting their ranges.

“The increase in van rentals from this point onwards shows a demand from UK businesses for a flexible solution to fulfil this missing resource.

“Companies needed to keep the wheels of business moving and for many, vans are a big part of that. Also, for small businesses, tying up capital on replacing old vans through acquisition isn’t economically viable.

“Businesses still need transport options that can keep their operations moving and our short and long-term rental services provide not only the flexibility that businesses need but also access to the newest, cleanest commercial vehicles without the commitment of outright vehicle acquisition.

“With the average length of hire during quarter four increasing by 5% compared to the rest of the year’s average it’s clear that rental is providing a vital stop-gap for many businesses.”



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