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Production of the next generation VW Crafter will be a new plant at Wrzesnia in Poland

VOLKSWAGEN is to move production of the next-generation Crafter to a new plant in Poland.

The new model will start to come off the line in the second half of 2016 after completion of the new facility at Wrzesnia, in the country’s Voivodeship Wielkopolska region.

The VW Crafter is currently built in the Mercedes-Benz Ludwigsfelde and Dusseldorf plants, the German factories where the Mercedes Sprinter is also built.

Construction of the new plant is scheduled to begin towards the end of 2014 with vehicle production starting in the fourth quarter of 2016.

The new premises will cover more than 540 acres and will consist of a body shop, a paint shop and final assembly.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles regards the Crafter as an ideal candidate for all world growth markets. The new plant in Wrzesnia will become the second site in Poland for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles after Poznan, where the urban delivery vehicle, the Caddy, has been rolling off the production line for more than 10 years.

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand will create at least 2300 new jobs with the new plant.

Dr Eckhard Scholz, speaker for the management board of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, told Business Vans: “Our experience with the production of the Caddy in Poland has been excellent and the region around Wrzesnia offers an ideal blend in terms of business, infrastructure and the labour market.”

Jens Ocksen (53), currently on the board of management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles with responsibility for production and logistics, will take over responsibility of the Crafter production project, and will become Head of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Poznan from 1 April 2014.


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