Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Free fuel tax on vans

If you get free fuel from your employer to go with your company van, then you have to pay free fuel tax. This is known as the Fuel Benefit Tax. Full details of what you have to pay for light commercial vehicle drivers
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Vehicle Excise Duty for vans 2018/19

Additional reporting Glynn WilliamsCOMMONLY known as road tax, but in actual fact its correct term is Vehicle Excise Duty.Or VED for short.These are the latest Vehicle...
Electric Nissan e nv200 At Home With Housing Association

Company van tax on electric vans

The company van tax payable on an electric van is less than the Van Benefit Charge on a diesel or petrol van. It is a percentage of the standard company van tax rate, offering a good tax incentive to drive a zero emission van
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Van tax on pick-ups and double cab pick-up trucks

If you drive a pick-up truck for work, and the company provides the truck for you, then company van tax will apply - or Van Benefit Charge to use the proper terminology. So here are the current company van tax rates for double cab pick-ups trucks and single cab pick-up trucks
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Crew van tax: is it treated as a car or a van?

Crew vans are highly popular, combining both elements of carrying crew and carrying loads. But beware the benefit in kind tax implications of crew vans. They might look like a van, but sometimes HMRC treats them as cars - with significant tax implications
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Company van tax – do I have to pay it?

Company van tax is a benefit in kind tax you have to pay if you have private use of a company van. This article explains when you have to pay company van tax and how much it is, plus the tax on free fuel for your van
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Double-Cab van tax ruling could leave SMEs facing massive tax bill

WHEN is a van not a van? When a Judge says it's a car.In some respects it would be preferable if that were simply...
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Why choosing a pick-up as a company vehicle could save you £££s

THERE are some rather good contract hire and leasing deals available on pick-up commercial vehicles – many that rival some lesser value passenger cars...

Van tax on double cabs and pick ups

WE all like a double cab. But do you have to pay tax on a double cab or pick up.Answer: yes if you have...

London Congestion Charge rises to £11.50

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON (TfL) has confirmed its plans to increase the London Congestion Charge from £10 to £11.50 this month, in an attempt to...

Company van tax rises in Budget

VAN drivers with company provided vans – expect to pay more in company van tax from April.The company van tax benefit-in-kind charge is rising...

When is a van not a commercial vehicle?

IT’S a good question, although HMRC is unequivocal: if it has a payload of one tonne then it’s a commercial vehicle.However, there is a...

What business van mileage can I claim?

"My employer has asked me to supply my own van for work, but he will buy the fuel. Am I entitled to claim mileage?"...

London’s new Ultra Low-Emission Zone includes diesel van exemption

LONDON’s new Ultra Low-Emission Zone will come into effect on 1 July 2013 and provide a single 100% discount from the London Congestion Charge...
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