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Business mileage in a private van, such as this Vauxhall Combo pictured, can be claimed for at 45p per mile
Business mileage in your private van: claim for it tax-free at 45p per mile

Author: Ralph Morton

If you’re self-employed and run your own private van and use it on business you can claim back the business mileage at 45p per mile.

The 45p rate is known as an Approved Mileage Allowance Payments.  Often this is shortened to AMAPs. A lesser amount is a payable once in excess of 10,000 business miles is covered in one year.

AMAPs are claimable by the person in a single tax year – not against the van. So if you had two vans you could only claim a maximum of 10,000 miles at 45p per mile.

Business van mileage rates using AMAPs are tax free.

However, they are to cover the cost of running your van, so no other expenses are allowable (eg fuel, insurance and so on).

The statutory business van mileage AMAP rates

  • Up to 10,000 miles: 45p per mile
  • 10,001 miles or more: 25p per mile

The statutory mileage AMAP rates are the same for all vans, irrespective of engine size.

Additional business van management information: passengers can be claimed for at an additional 5p per mile.

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